Thursday, 10 June 2010

Imogen made a bear

Making a teddy bear

We had a little crafting time together yesterday, and Imogen made this teddy bear from a kit we picked up very reasonably. There are two to make so no doubt the other one will be being made soon too.
concentrating on sewing

I showed her where the holes were to make the face and then sew on the paws and then sew around the bear before stuffing and finishing it off and away she went, only asking for help when she got her wool in a tangle one time.

taking a short break

She is so proud of her work, got a little tired a couple of times so popped it down for a break but not for long before she said she was ready to do more. I'm very proud of how focused she was on getting this made in an afternoon, whilst I sat beside her encouraging and knitting and crafting too. Great way to spend the afternoon.


Oh, Imogen made him a little bag afterwards too. Now she wants to make the other one on Friday when her grandparents come to stay for the weekend, so they can see how she does it.


  1. That's such a good bear!! She looks like she really enjoyed making it too! Well done!

  2. love this, what a clever girl, thats going to be one very loved bear xx

  3. That is so cute! I am thinking about getting some wool felt for my 5 year old and making some simple patterns for her to sew some animals!
    Rosaleen ♥


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