Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lovely afternoon yesterday

Yesterday afternoon was spent in the house relaxing after our exploring and playing. I wanted to watch the football, yes the England match, so we settled to do some quiet things whilst this was on. Imogen wanted to create more pictures in a book so spent the time drawing and making up stories for her pictures, and cutting out pictures from old magazines to stick in the book.

Me, well I sat and carded wool and then sat spinning it whilst watching the match. What a lovely time it was, and very productive. I haven't spun much recently but came away from the guild meeting at the weekend (as I often do) and felt re-invigorated to spin. So since then I think I've spun up about 5 or 6 bobbins of wool, plied two skeins so far - more plying to do. They just need a quick wash now and then they can be wound into balls for more creating. I may do some dyeing first with a couple though - lovely weather outside to get a table out and lay out the wool for some hand painted or space dyed wool I think. Best of all, I have 5 empty bobbins, lots of wool needing carding ... more spinning opportunities.

Imogen took this picture of me carding the wool - she wanted to take one of mommy doing her spinning. Please excuse the pinny but fleece can be messy to card sometimes! Some of my in progress knitting on the arm of the sofa too.

Mommy carding wool

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