Monday, 7 June 2010

What have we been doing ...

Our Guild's handmade yurt

Well, a little quiet on the blog lately except for making cordial and champagne. My mind has been elsewhere but back on track again now and these are some of the things we have been up to lately, enjoying the wonderful weather. Will be back more regularly with more details of things we are doing.

A visit to Mottisfont Abbey ...

our happy little girl

beautiful bright tulips

finding fish in the pond

pooh sticks down the lovely stream side walk

A visit to Manor Farm ...

Park days by the sea ...

Another visit to Manor Farm for Woolly weekend, seeing Guild members and sheep shearing

Imogen watching the Jacobs being sheared

An unusually well behaved Jacobs (they are known for being mischievous!) and no I didn't get the fleece - this one was hard work to shear as it was heavily felted.

1 day old piglets, 11 of them to Blossom the Mama pig

Braiding with my friend from the Guild

playing hopscotch outside the Victorian Schoolroom
and hoops (heavy metal ones!)

needle felting by a talented Guild member
- planning for a Halloween display

The Guild's yurt made entirely by themselves
with resources from Manor Farm - the coppiced sticks, wool, etc

I really love this yurt

inside the yurt

Happy days, lovely sunshine. So what else better to do than dye a bit of lovely washed fleece sunshine yellow, ready to spin or maybe a little felting.

See you all soon, hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine too while it lasts, I hear rain is on the horizon this week ... we'll see, they are often wrong, mind you it will save me watering the plants a little and fill the water butts up a bit more hopefully.


  1. Wow, I love the Yurt, how fantatic!

  2. Happy, busy days you have all been enjoying. That is an incredible yurt. Impressive!

  3. wonderful pictures, am in love with that yurt xx


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