Thursday, 24 June 2010

What wildlife did you see today?

ready to go exploring

We went out yesterday morning, on our way to meet friends to play and Imogen decided she wanted to take her binoculars to spot birds on the way. Fair enough, sounds like a lovely idea, there are some lovely birds around, filling the air with their birdsong. But what happened next I didn't expect ... no, not at all ...

shhh ... look what I can see

Imogen exclaimed I've just seen a rhinoceros Mommy, down their being chased by the van. And look up there amongst the long grass there's a lion licking his paws and resting in the shade. We had a lovely time describing an animal we thought we'd seen then we'd sneak up, or run to see if we could find it again ... oh the wonderful imagination of a child.

behind the trees to spot the giraffe

So what else did we see, we saw an elephant, a giraffe munching the leaves, an ostrich and more that I cannot remember now. We did see some British birds too, we say the Jays, sparrows, a robin, blackbirds gathering worms, a couple of redstarts and we heard but didn't see the woodpeckers. We had our sticks in case we needed to fight any baddies ... only the baddies were some nettles though, so a swish of the stick towards them are they were seen off.

arghh ... I have my stick too

It opened up lots of discussion about what the animals do, where they live, what they eat and more. Imogen really knows her animals, she loves the books she has of animals from all over the world, and can recall what she has read about so well, I'm learning too.

I wonder what we will see today


  1. Does you do safari tours, I want to book one please :-) What a fab afternoon out.

  2. That walk sounds so much fun!
    Rosaleen ♥


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