Friday, 11 June 2010

Summer felting

So a little needle felting for an addition to the season corner which has finally transformed from late Spring to Summer (yes I know little late).

I really enjoyed a bit more time needle felting and plan to do lots more again now on my evenings, and ended up making two new figures.

Firstly is the Summer flower lady with climbing flowers on her skirt,

Summer flower girl

... and then a rainbow lady, I love rainbows so thought this would be an interesting one to try and make. Imogen thought this looked a little like me as when I was putting her on the season corner I had my hair tied up too.

Rainbow Mama

So both are on the Season Corner, along with my knitted lavender girl I made last year. What do you think? Plenty of space for any treasures we pick up whilst out and about.


  1. They are beautiful - love the curls on the flower girl xxx

  2. Oh lovely - how beautiful these felt people have come out. Talented mama!

  3. those are gorgeous, must must give needle felting a try x

  4. Lovely! You're very talented :) xx


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