Wednesday, 28 July 2010

... and then to the farm ...

excited girl feeding the deer and the llama

We fed the Llama and deer on entering the farm and later some goats. Imogen loved holding the pellets in her hand for them to be licked off which tickled.

Feeding the male Llama (more on him later!)
Feeding the Deer

Imogen had great fun in the park and made a friend who we'd met when having lunch, they had a great time together. She went to see the rabbits and guinea pigs several times and we helped out with the milk bottles to the calves.

Donkey and baby

We saw lots of different animals, including a baby donkey with it's parents. More goats, sheep, pigs, alpaca, chickens, turkeys and probably some more animals.

Hot colours in the flowers, and a hot little girl

We visited the walled garden and the maze, where it was getting very hot and sunny, almost time to go home.

Ever the one for keeping my eyes open, whilst around the farm, I spotted bags of fleece in one of the barns and found a lovely man to ask what happens to them (well you have to don't you?). The wool fleece from the sheep was awaiting pickup from the Wool Board, although they didn't turn up last year ... so I may call them when I need more to see if they still have it. They also had a big bag of alpaca and llama fleece which the wool board don't collect so he bagged some up for me, leaving some for the spinning guild that they have visit there for demonstrations.

Alpaca fleeceLlama fleece (from the male llama Imogen is feeding here and above)

There was also another bag which of fleece which he said was a bit messy and needed a lot of teasing - it does, and some bits are a bit felted. But it's angora goats fleece, so I was tempted and he said I could have it. It's lovely and long and curly and has such a lustre. Mind you the goats it came off are lovely too, much admired on previous visits.

Angora fleece bag
close up below - look at those curls and lustre
The Angora goats

So another fleece result for mama too. Now I really must get them all washed, carded and spun before Alex needs to build an extension to the house!


  1. "pig in muck" springs to mind!!

    Love the look of that angorra fleece. Looks like you'll be busy for a while then ;)

  2. Good job you've borrowed that carding machine ;o)


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