Thursday, 3 December 2009

Childrens Christmas crafting

This post was written last week, but then I never got around to posting it. However I thought I would post it today as we have done some more crafting over the last couple of days, so when I have the camera I can update with things made this week too.

I put "childrens" in the title as this is crafts that Imogen has decided she wanted to do last week. We recently picked up one of the Usborne Christmas craft books at a charity shop for 10p, and have since borrowed a couple more Christmas craft books from the library.

So we gathered our craft supplies and set to work on making things

Cut out Christmas trees with decorations
Cut out Snowflakes with decorations
Potato print painting Christmas trees and Stars
Snowman garland
(pictures to follow - forgotten to take any and the camera is with Alex today)

Glittery star with hanging glitter pasta and jungle bell

Pipe cleaner stars

Jingle bell pipe cleaner stars

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