Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter Season Swap

The Winter Season swap was opened today and we were absolutely delighted when we saw the lovely homemade items from Talie (Moon Mumma) so beautifully packaged too.

This card is just beautiful

We received a lovely handmade card, seasonal postcard and lovely little packages. There was some gorgeous bunting, an Yule gnome, some beeswax candles and a fabric bag of chocolate coins. These were all beautifully made by such a talented mama.

Take a look at our lovely yuletide gifts

Yule gnome and candles

Lovely bunting with jingle bells

* * * * *

To save adding another post, here is a picture of the Yule gnome and Reindeer I made for the Season swap. These were sent to Lucy and her pixies here, and her pictures on her blog are much nicer than this one of them going in the box to send off, I forgot to take any other pictures of them.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone. Another wonderful Season Swap which I've loved being part of again.


  1. Thank you we will treasure our Gnome and Rudolf for many christmases to come xx
    Lucy xx

  2. Gorgeous season swap gifts you made and received xxx

  3. Oh I love them all! That little holly gnome has inspired me, think I may pinch that idea lol!


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