Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas delivered ...

Well the food has been delivered anyway. Well the food that was being delivered, as some of the food making it to the Christmas dinner has been home grown. Mmmm lovely home grown Arran Victory potatoes, lovely home grown Cavalo Nero, Brussel Sprouts, beetroot, garlic, herbs and more.
Christmas food delivered

So for now, the food is away in the fridge or the cupboards awaiting the big day.

My house is currently filled with the aroma of oranges drying as I wanted to add some new pieces to the wreath on the door to add fragrance to the porch on arrival.

Oranges drying in the dehydrator

More baking in the making too. Thanks go to Jacqui at Corridor Living for inspiring me to make some cranberry mincemeat pies that featured here at the weekend. I don't make normal mince pies as I don't like them and my Mom makes them each year anyway. However I do like cranberries, so I had thought to make these sometime, and after seeing them on Jacqui's blog I felt I just had to give them a go today. More festive smells in the house.

Butternut Squash Muffins to make tomorrow I think.

And another picture of our decorations, this time a ceiling view with the fabric bunting, paper chains, felt parcel chain, etc and the Season corner and garlands.

The place will look bare in the New Year!

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  1. Thanks for that Dawn. I hope you like it. I made a shotbread type pastry case today which i will fill the the mincemeat for a desert on Christmas. More baking today. Your decorations are beautiful. I love it when Christmas is delivered - even though it reminds me of that Good Life episode. Hope you all enjoy your homegrown, handmade, gorgeous Christmas. xx


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