Monday, 21 December 2009

Claiming the Christmas Number One back

You might as well stop reading here if you're a fan of the X-******.


Still here, then you must be more like me and the thousands of people who have finally claimed back the Christmas No. 1 for REAL music. Yes I shouted. Sorry, but I can't stand rubbish like that programme so I was so pleased yesterday evening to hear that the wonderful Rage Against the Machine had claimed No. 1. Well done everyone who bought it. What I'd love to see now is the demise of the programme (like other such rubbish reality shows) although I think we will be stuck with it for a while longer.

The success is fantastic and it's not personal to the guy who won the programme (whatever his name is), it's the principle of the thing - that programme finishes at the right time to release the track to top the charts at Xmas, but then we don't get to look back in years to come and remember all those terrible and some cheesy Christmas No.1's with affection, and I bet you sing along to all those old cheesy ones too, don't you? Go on, you know you want to admit it.

Anyway, well done RATM, still sounding good when they've got back together. Hmmmm, wonder where the free UK gig will be next year then, they were great live on the occasions I got to see them.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Totally agree!! I was over the moon to hear that Rage won the battle to the no. one spot! I've been a fan of theirs for years and I'm glad that more people are now aware of the genius that is RATM. I do feel sorry for Joe, the Xfactor winner, but as you so rightly say, it's nothing personal at all, he's just part of the 'machine' that needed 'raging against'!!

  2. Not heard the song; but I am chuffed that x ****** hasn't topped the charts again. I can't stand the show either and don't watch it.

    I much prefer Strictly ;-)

    Yuletide greetings!


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