Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Yes, it's snowing outside. This has made Imogen's day as she keeps asking when is it going to snow, and we've tried to get her to accept that it might not as the South coast where we live doesn't get a lot of snow. We had a lovely lot of snow (for here anyway) in February 09 and she loved it, enough to build snowmen and have a snowball fight. I can't imagine we'll get that much this Winter but you never know. A little girl here would love to be building snowmen again.

This is just a little snow, not settling on the ground, but snow nonetheless and she enjoyed catching it on her tongue whilst we were out walking earlier. I love to see the awe in children at the sight of snow, it's magical. I used to love the snow when young, and living further North than where I am now, we had real snowfall and snowdrifts halfway up the front door to dig yourself out of. Oh the memories.

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