Thursday, 17 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

We picked up our Christmas tree last weekend (thought I better post this before it's next weekend) and have decorated it, which was great fun for Imogen who sang about Christmas all the time whilst hanging decorations on the tree. We think it looks lovely and it's great to see it adorned with lovely big red jingle bells I picked up last Christmas that have the most delightful sound, and felt and wood decorations, and not forgetting the knitted ones I have made previously and recently. There are also some sparkly ones and homemade clay and coloured wooden ones Imogen has made too, along with home dried oranges, bundles of cinnamon sticks and little lavender bags..

Mommy's knitted snowman
and felt snowflakes

Mommy's knitted Father Christmas,
felt snowflake and red jingle bell

More decorations have also been hung on the garlands, and there is more to follow as I still have the bunting and paper chains to put up. Will update with photos another day as I haven't got the camera today and I haven't got one of the completed tree with Angel on top.

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