Thursday, 3 December 2009

Victorian Christmas Festival in pictures

Few words really as the pictures say it all. We had a lovely time drinking in the atmosphere which was fantastic, and you felt as if you had travelled back in time. There was great street entertainment
Lots of singing and music

Charlie Chaplin

- a chimney sweep offered Imogen a job for a shilling

Chimney Sweep

a ride on a small steam train for Imogen and Daddy
Steam train ride
and visits to HMS Victory,

HMS Victory with Spinnaker Tower in the background

checking HMS Victory's rigging

HMS Warrior
Boarding HMS Warrior
HMS Warrior and Spinnaker Tower

crazy sailor

and the various museums on site such as the Mary Rose museum. We spent time browsing some lovely market stalls, ate roasted chestnuts and a real highlight was having "snow" in the air - from various snow machines, we don't get much snow down here on the South Coast.

Catching snowflakes

Fagins tavern

Imogen's vintage car ride
singing and dancing

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