Monday, 15 February 2010

Bookshelf Inspiration anyone?

You may know if you read a previous post that I am moving and re-organising the bookshelves in our home at the moment. It's been a slow process and has had a couple of interruptions but we're getting there.

We love books in this house and have a varied collection of them. I always think a home full of books is a great place to be - for inspiration, and to sit and relax with a good book.

Now wouldn't it be nice to make displaying the books a little more creative? You're wondering where I am going with this post aren't you? Bear with me, it's cool. I've seen various images of creative bookshelves in the past, often on flickr such as the ones where the books are displayed in a way that similar colours are together so it looks like a rainbow.

I've seen creative bookshelves in all sorts of shapes too and they look great.
But how about this ...not strictly a bookshelf but wow, and do you think it is art?

a book room?

Pillar and staircase

Although it's not that practical if you want to get a book out to read it, you'd also need a large space to create it and I'm not sure I would want to climb these stairs to get a book either, but how cool are they.

They are the creation of Tom Bendsten, take a look at his other works here, I really like the "arched" one too where the hole is cut into the wall .


  1. ooh I love the rainbow idea - that would look lovely even on a smaller scale :-)

  2. Well - as my husband visited a 2nd hand bookshop today and 6 books and a box of 40 gaelic magazines, I think i will build him a book room around the chair he usually sits in. Great post xx


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