Sunday, 14 February 2010


Happy valentine, Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger, happy Sunday.

Today Imogen is recovering from a sickness bug from the last couple of days but is eating better to day. We have had a day of making things (pictures later when I have the camera) and watching DVD's.

Alex is representing Southampton Allotments and Gardening Association at the Seed Swap in town today. It's being held this year at our favourite place to go for lunch and a coffee - The Art House serving lovely food using organic, local and fairtrade ingredients. It's also a lovely showcase venue for arts, etc. Run not for profit, mainly by volunteers. I visited yesterday while he stayed home with Imogen and picked up a few seeds in the swap - mostly heritage ones they were donated to the seed swap from Garden Organic Heritage Seed Library

A quick visit to the library and then I decided I'd like to take a little something home for Imogen. I picked up a set of half-price figures in the Disney shop from the film "Up!" which we haven't seen yet but will do soon now it is out on DVD.

So, today we have made some sticking pictures with all sorts of things - glitter, old cards, magazine cut-outs, etc. I knitted a few quick hearts and we have sewn them and stuffed them with dried lavender so they look and smell lovely. Alex has the camera so will take a picture and add it later. We have watched Nightmare before Christmas on DVD and are now currently watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the one with Johnny Depp, although we have the original too)


  1. Hope Imogen is recovering now - sounds like she had some fun during her convalesence.

  2. Loving the sound of those hearts filled with lavendar - gorgeous!


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