Thursday, 11 February 2010


A few months ago Imogen started learning some French words which she thought was great fun and has retained quite a few of them too. We picked up the book at a charity shop a long time ago as it appealed to her (full of words when she started learning to read words), and then one day decided she wanted to know what they were. The book also covers German and Spanish but one step at a time. I think we have another French one too somewhere, and her Auntie bought her a storybook in French last year so no doubt we'll be looking at that sometime too.

European dictionary

She confidently knows many of the words - hello, goodbye, please, thank you, morning, afternoon, night; some words for shapes, clothes and various other things. She can also put simple sentences together - What is your name?, My name is Imogen, I live in ____, and can count to 1 t0 10 in French and remembers some other numbers too.

reading her book

This week she has been looking at it and when I asked her if she wanted me to read some words for her, she said she was going to have a go herself now she can read. It's great watching her as she first reads the English word and then works out the french word, and is asking when she gets stuck with one, some aren't easy because of the different way words are formed and sound but this isn't dissuading her, she's having fun.

I'm sure I'll soon be finding them written down somewhere soon too.

Anyway, this isn't getting my shelves moved and sorted is it. Just wanted to post and share this new activity.


  1. It is fab to teach your little ones a new language at a young age - they pick up more words so easily once it clicks :-) Have you tried Muzzy, my little ones (and me) used to love watching that and now when we go out to Spain they find it easy to pick up new words and get the pronunciation correct.

  2. Yeah, we have a copy of Muzzy, but not really looked at it yet. Think it might be a good time now though - thanks for reminding me.

  3. I think children just pick up languages so easily.
    My daughter and I are both Welsh, but while I went to an English speaking school, she went to a welsh speaking one. She's spoken both langauges fluently since she was 4. I'm ashamed to say my Welsh isn't that good as we rarely spoke it at home while I was growing up.
    It's great to see your daughter eager to learn ;0)


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