Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Imbolc ...

... and Spring is most definitely on it's way here. There have been signs for a while, things are growing like the daffodils I posted about here. Seedlings have been planted and are surviving and thriving at the allotment. Weeds are also around so a little hoeing deals with them, and when the soil warms up a bit more a lovely warm protective mulch will be added.

Yesterday I captured these, I saw them last week a little less in flower but didn't have the camera with me (which is unusual).


"The Snowdrop, in purest white array, First rears her head on Candlemas day."

Imbolc is celebrated either at the beginning of February or the first signs of Spring. Well, it's the beginning of February and the flowers are here too. It won't be long before we're seeing Spring lambs now.

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