Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Do you chit?


Here are some of ours chitting and awaiting the warmer soil. My Dad grows lots of potatoes but we like to grow a few, this year we are growing them solely in tyre stacks at the back of the garden rather than taking up space at the allotment best used for other crops. If it's a dry Summer they are more likely to get a watering from the water butts at home more regularly than at the allotment too.

Our organic seed potato choices this year are Arran Victory (maincrop) and the absolute best potato I have ever ever tasted (can you tell I love these); and Cosmos 2nd Earlies. We shall be attending a local Seed Swap event this weekend and may well return with another variety from one of the vendors there.

Arran Victory organic seed potatoes

I've read many articles on whether it's worth chitting or not, and have tried various methods of growing potatoes - chitting, not chitting, growing without planting the seed potato. I have to say I don't think there is much difference so it doesn't hurt to chit, especially when you have the seeds now and the soil isn't quite ready for them.


  1. I've always been told to chit, but have read that you don't need to??!!!

  2. I never chit earlies. No point as they are not in the ground long enough to make any difference. My mains I chit only because they are bought at the same time and go in a little later.. I've never noticed any difference


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