Monday, 22 February 2010

Spring sightings

beautiful Snowdrops

More sightings of Spring as we visited our local open farm at the weekend. Lots of snowdrops and a few crocuses too.

crocuses amongst the snowdrops
In the pig poke were some lovey 2 day old piglets with their Mama Snowflake.

Snowflake (mama pig) and her new piglets

In the barn and the fields were several Spring Lambs, including this one which was also only 2 days old. Here he is wearing a knitted jumper for some extra warmth, this was taken off later as the day warmed up.

Dorset Horn Sheep and baby lamb in jumper

Watching this little lamb, I realised that there comes a point when you are a wool spinner when you recognise many breeds of sheep in the fields, and farms; and then you recognise that this is a Dorset Horn lamb wearing a jumper of spun and knitted Jacobs wool. How do I know? Well it's a lovely wool to spin and knit with - and this little lamb's jumper looks very like my scarf, don't you think?

my scarf (for comparison)

Here are the Jacobs lambs we saw too - they really are a favourite sheep of mine, but I hear they are a bit "naughty" and run off in the opposite direction when the farmer tries to round them up, and this encourages the other sheep to follow suit. My kinda breed of cheeky sheep.

Jacobs lambs
with their mama's

Oh and a couple of lovely Robins popped over as we were feeding the ducks, so we left a little for them on the posts too.

So with these new sightings, I kick myself more into action for some sowing of seeds in the garden, more of that in another post this week.

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  1. waahhooo spring is nearly here :-) I so love seeing lambs, I had a pet one for a while when I was little and it was just adorable - so gentle and lovely.


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