Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Crafty projects

I feel like I am thinking about lots of crafty projects to do now and for the coming weeks, but don't seem to be getting started on many. Maybe my brain is being overloaded with wanting to do them all at once.

Needle felting supplies

I have been needle felting some winter goodies for myself and for others, they are my first priority this week I think to get finished ready to go to new homes.

Sneaky peek - more done since this but you'll have to wait!

I then want to make some little dolls for Imogen perhaps for Christmas, she has lots of animals but not people except for a family in her dolls house, so I think she would appreciate a few more. I have lots of ideas and have seen some projects online for inspiration too.

Dishcloths and a little extra surprise for a lovely mama

I have knitted some dishcloths lately for a lovely mama on the GP forum, they will be posted this week, as will some alpaca fleece for stuffing to another lovely mama making a doll for her daughter for Christmas. I'm also knitting some simple hand warmers for Imogen - a request from her after she saw these I made for myself.

Mama's knitted hand warmers

Other projects include more felting, I have recycled some plastic balls and hope to use them to felt around for Christmas decorations or other seasonal decorations. I want to make some more felt food, and other sewn felt things.

More knitting will no doubt be done, and more spinning - really must get on and do more spinning - have some lovely bits of fleeces to spin, such a wide variety and am picking up some more fleeces (yes, plural!) at the weekend - hopefully others at the Guild will take some off my hands or my loft is going to get fuller this weekend! Having ashed some of the alpaca, I now want to spin some of this lovely soft fluff. Have washed some of the Angora goat too but it still needs more washing - it is filthy, smelly and quite felted in parts (but it was free) so really need to separate it into stuff that could be spun, and stuff to use in felting. The good parts are beautiful, soft, shiny and with a lovely curl.

Right, now it's all written down, here and in one of my numerous notebooks (I like notebooks), I think I need to make a plan of what I'm going to do when, and then just get on with it.

A little project for tomorrow, now felted and drying ...

knitted poppies


  1. Oh, that felting looks lovely ;o). And I really love those felted poppies, what a fabulous idea.


  2. Looks like you have been busy, and likely to be busier still doing all your wonderful projects. I love this time of year, when there is a tad more time to do crafting, ie too wet to be down the lottie.

  3. I am loving your handwarmers - such beautiful colours. of course now i am taking in every word you write about fleeces and spinning.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for Imogen for Christmas this year after the success you had with the farm. Those handwarmers are lovely and colourful, no wonder Imogen wants a pair. Love your poppies, so much nicer than the paper ones which are usually worn.

  5. Love all your projects, Dawn.


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