Sunday, 28 November 2010

One of those birthdays ...

Where you usually get comments, or are thrown a surprise party. But not in this house, well not the party anyway!

So yes, my name is Dawn and today I am 40 ... say it loud and proud. Do I feel different? Heck no, it's just another year, another birthday, another 365 days travelled around the Sun.

I quite enjoyed my thirties, having our daughter and rediscovering a creative side, continuing to grow my own food and living a sustainable lifestyle, continuing to have environmental and ethical standards. I'm not perfect, but I do my best and will continue to do so in my 40's.

So what was in store for me today. Lovely handmade cards, with fabulous writing from my beautiful girl. A lovely little handmade needle felted sheep, although I did do most of the needle felting on this for Imogen the other day when "she" was making it for me - with me not guessing what it was of course.
My cards and sheep

I love that she thought about wanting to make me something, like I enjoy making things for her. I also had a lovely picture she did for me at school the other day about the story of Cinderella which they have done lots of activities on this week as part of a book week.

My parents are down too and my clever Mom who I bought some lace making stuff for, for her birthday in September made me a bookmark - she has only been having lessons for 2 weeks - impressive hey, I think we've tapped into a new talent here.

My lace bookmark

So having a good day, have had some money so thinking of putting that towards an upgrade of a spinning wheel if the right one comes my way. There's a medlar tart in the oven with a meringue topping this time for my birthday "cake". The only downside is Imogen isn't very well, having had a cold and cough recently she has been lifeless in the last couple of days but on the upside she is wanting lots of hugs and cuddles. I can do that for my birthday.


  1. Sounds like a very nice birthday to me.

  2. Well happy birthday to you.

    Sounds like you've had a wonderful day, and I hope Imogen feels better soon.


  3. Many Happy Birthday blessings Dawn - you seem to have had a lovely day, but I hope poor Imogen gets better soon.

    ps I got the wheel!

  4. Happy Birthday. I hope you had a lovely day.

    Hope Imogen is feeling better.

  5. Happy belated birthday, and welcome to the 40's club. I've got a couple of years on you but I still don't feel any older than 21. You've received some wonderful gifts, how lovely to receive handmade pressies.

  6. Thankyou everyone.

    Yay Jacqui well done on getting the spinning wheel, I missed out on one at the weekend but still looking. Do you want any prepared fibres to get you started? Have a variety of fleeces here just say the word. Have fun and welcome to the world of Spinning - it is very addictive.

  7. Belated birthday wishes. Glad you had a lovely day, and I hope that Imogen is well and truly on the mend now.


  8. Happy birthday, sounds like you had a fab time! Age is just a number, I try to bypass my birthdays that way I actually forget how old I am :-)


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