Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy October 31st ... for yesterday!

(A bit late as I wanted a photo of some knitted toys but Imogen took them to bed with her so I had to wait until this morning)

I don't really go into all the halloween (commercial) stuff and Imogen isn't into all the spooky scary either, but some of the crafting is fun to do, and we have had a lovely day at the local community garden for a pumpkin party.

Imogen's Spider carving, lit up lovely last night

There was more of our delicious pumpkin soup on offer which sold out once more, and pumpkin carving, here is Imogen's which she had a little help with from a lovely new friend as they only had large carving knives to do the carving - a bit too big for her little hands on a pumpkin.

I have also recently knitted and made up some new toys for Imogen which she loves and took to bed with her on the 31st. Note the pumpkin needed a smile, not a scary face!

New knitted friends

So however you celebrated it, if you do/did, Happy 31st October, Happy Samhain, Happy Halloween, Happy Harvest-time ...


  1. Glad you had such a lovely day - Happy hallowee'n. xxx

  2. I love those knitted toys - especially the ghost.


  3. I'm with you regarding the commercial side of halloween. We bought three little pumpkins for the children to carve and grew some for pumpkin pie. They all had fun and didn't desire more, so I guess we have the balance right. The knitted toys are lovely and I'm not surprised Imogen loves them.


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