Thursday, 25 November 2010

Medlar jam ...

It is lovely, and as we have many, many more of these delicious fruits (did I say how much we are loving these?) more jam and more pies in the making. We have got to make one of the pies for Christmas, it has that festive smell and fragrance. This was just a small batch to check it out and it worked out lovely, there must be a lot of pectin in them as it has a great jelly/jam consistency.

Medlar jam and fruit

In the picture above is the jam and two medlars - the one on the left is still hard and needs to be stored somewhere warm and dry to blet, the one on the right at the front is bletted and ready to use. Having sorted through the ones we have there are a quite a few bletted so more baking or jam making over the next few days - yum!

A big crate of the fruits has gone to a local independent bookshop that also sells other fairtrade items to see if people would like to buy them. We suspect they may not go too well, and maybe secretly thinking we could get some of these back too. But for now I have a large shopping bag of them to get through.


  1. If I lived nearer, I would be straight down to the book store. I've seen medlars growing on trees but never been in the right place at the right time, so no idea what they taste like. Maybe my mission next year is to find someone with a tree. Although I'm still ploughing through my apple mountain. Enjoy!

  2. I think you will need to take a stall at the nearest farmers market or such like - educate the public about the fragrant medlar. Wish I lived nearer too. xx

  3. I'd love to try some if I were nearer. Do you have to peel them, are they like apples? I bet the jam is delicious.


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