Friday, 12 November 2010

This weekend, I will be mostly ............................

... obtaining sheeps fleeces.

Opportunities just come your way sometimes and you have to grab them. In the space of just a few days I have spoken with two different sheep owners who are looking to pass on sheeps fleeces for very little (and I mean little!).

So this weekend we shall be picking them up, there are Hebridean, Manx, Suffolk, Welsh Mountain, Portland, Zwartbles .... (maybe some others that I can't remember right now!). Just don't ask me how many there could be.

I think I'm going to be busy for a while, although I must add I am taking some to our next Guild meeting so no doubt some spinning friends will take some off my hands. Either that or our roof will get some added insulation soon in the form of safely stored and boxed fleeces - they will come down for spinning!

Alex's last words to me yesterday morning when he left for work were "please don't arrange to pick up any more fleeces today", although he was smiling, and said he didn't mind really. I' won't be picking any more up though, probably! He may need to help me get through the wool too over the winter and make some more pure wool peg loom rugs, so cosy under the feet.

Happy weekend all, whatever you're doing.


  1. Erm... well now you know another sheep owner! i laughed at Alex telling you not to pick up any more fleeces. Today my husband went out to watch some sheep being brought down from the hill, and was given 3 of this years lambs that were unmarked! Talk about the deep end! We should get them tomorrow, so watch the blog over the weekend.
    p.s I didn't go for that wheel

  2. Oh Jacqui, your own lambs - wonderful, enjoy them and I'm sure you'll learn as you go along. What breed are they? ;)

    Another wheel will come up for you, just keep your eyes out and put the word out, I'll keep my eyes out for anything I see anywhere up your way too xxx

  3. You've got to grab these opportunities when they arise. Sounds like you've got a good selection there.


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