Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fireworks and procession by flame torchlight

We've not been to a fireworks display for years, in fact Alex recalled we went to one in the city for the millennium New Year which would be the last time. Imogen hasn't been to one at all, mind you it is usually awful weather to be standing out there. A bonus is that where we live it is on a hillside overlooking the City so when there are fireworks for bonfire night, New Year, and other celebrations (cruise ships, festivals), we can see the fireworks display (and they like their fireworks around here) from the comfort of our home through the windows or standing in the porch (which we did Friday night). But this year the weather was lovely, perfect for this ...

Torchlit parade from the Guildhall

So Saturday night we ventured to Winchester for their torchlit procession through the City and fireworks display. It's a charitable event run by the WinchesterRound Table. It was great fun, a really lovely atmosphere walking through with all the flames, and the fireworks didn't disappoint either. We even bumped into a couple of Imogen's friends so that was lovely too.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ...

Parade up the high street

Imogen with her dynamo torch

Imogen with the flame torch

Bonfire behind the trees
Imogen with a sparkler

Imogen with friends


Lovely fireworks

I think we have found an event to add to annual family traditions for the future, maybe having other family members to stay to join in the fun too!


  1. Hubby and daughter went to the local display whilst son and I watched from the landing window. Looks like you have a good local display too.

  2. Your firework shots are brilliant! What a great time you must have had. xx

  3. We used to have a firework display in the village each year. Big bonfire and all the community. It was run as a fundraiser for the school. It seems that there was a change in rules which made it unprofitable and they held the last one last year. This year we had our own display in the back garden, which was fun.

    Thanks for the info on spinning. I'll be ordering a copy of the book.

  4. what a great time. Such an exciting night for children - bonfire night! and big children too!


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