Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remembrance Day (knit and felted poppies)

Poppies for Armistice Day

Just a little project I wanted to do for Remembrance day or Armistice Day if you prefer. Knitted and felted using up small bits of pure wool yarn so that I could felt them. Very pleased with the results, sewn a piece of felt on the reverse holding the safety pin. So much nicer than the paper ones, maybe I'll make some more for next year.

Front and back of the knitted and felted poppies

Imogen's red top and poppies for Remembrance Day

So we all have one of these today, above is how Imogen has gone to school today - they are wearing red too and having a special remembrance assembly this morning. The officially sold poppy is one I've kept from a previous year, I don't like to see them wasted and thrown away. I don't buy them year after year but make a donation to the charity instead.

Another wonderful way to commemorate those lost and those still in need of support is to download the 2 minutes silence single DVD, a moving tribute, and a wonderful idea.

Single cover for the British Legion single


  1. I love your handmade poppy. Beautiful shade of red.

    I also like your idea of keeping last year's poppy and giving a donation each year. I find the paper ones curl up after a while of wearing them. Your felt one should last longer.

  2. Gorgeous poppy, I really must make a felt one myself as I hate the plastic ones too (like you say it is silly to buy them over and over again - far better to give money and re-use or make a nice forever poppy).

    If you ever sell these let me know as they are gorgeous!

  3. Ah , great mins think alike i felted one too but it's nowhere as good as yours xxx

  4. I love the felted poppies, I would much prefer to wear one of those than the paper version.

  5. hiya Dawn

    Thanks for you message on my blog. Yes you should deffo sell your lovely poppies next year, they are really lovely.

    If you do want to do a swap then please do message me, you can never have too many fairies :-) I can make little imogen some flower or ladybird hairclips if you like in return.



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