Monday, 20 December 2010

Back finally ... and what I've been up to

Well it was a little longer than expected being away from here, phone line was eventually restored after almost a week and then we found the broadband was still down for almost another week. It really focuses you on what you may need to get done online when you are restricted to using the local library computers. So minimal stuff done online, now catching up with lovely blogs, etc.

So what have I been up to. Felting projects for gifts for Christmas, for the season swap and for ourselves. Oh and I was asked about selling another King Winter so he was created and is hopefully at his destination now or nearly there.

So, for Christmas for the in-laws and my parents - the start of a nativity scene that I will build on over the years. For this year it is Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the crib.

Nativity set for my in-laws

Nativity set for my parents

For the season swap I decided a while ago to create a felt Yule log, had so much fun making it that I made one for us too, and then another one for my Mom as I know she'll like it. So here they are - all similar but slightly different. Season swap one was sent early last week - I'm pretty sure my swapee doesn't read my blog, but if they see it, it's just a sneaky peek as solstice is upon us soon. My in-laws have received theirs which they loved.

Yule log for season swap

Yule logs for myself and my Mom

King Winter for our season corner, and Imogen wanted a Queen too so here she is.

Queen Winter, maybe the Snow Queen,
although Imogen wanted her to be red

Our King and Queen Winter

King Winter for Liz as mentioned above -

King Winter

Felted star hair bunches for Imogen who was a dancing star for the school nativity this week and beautiful she looked too, they all did.

Felted star bunches with gold thread
embroidered on the points

Imogen as a star for the nativity
with one of her friends

Another project almost finished (not saying what craft it is) for Alex for Christmas, but he reads my blog so can't share that just yet!

Lots more ideas spinning around my head to make for ourselves for the season corner, for Imogen who has mentioned some things and how lovely they would be felted, ideas from books recently borrowed from libraries and ideas to make and sell some things. Hope to share more of this in the New Year.

I'll share some pictures of our lovely decorated home next as I love to see it like this at Christmas, lots of bunting, candles and garlands. Magical. See you soon.


  1. Fab, fab makes, but I especially love those yule logs. Beautiful xxx

  2. Fantastic felting, I love my little lady and will blog about her soon now you are on-line again :-)

  3. Hi, I'm Laura, I found your blog through GP. You are a very clever mama! Wow your needle felting is amazing. I love the yule logs! My dd was a star in her nativity play yesterday too :-) had a wee tear in my eye it was so sweet. Lovely blog, hugs Laura

  4. Nice to see you back. You have created some gorgeous things there. Have you ever thought of setting up a shop?(hint, hint) ;)

  5. Wow, you've been busy. I love all your makes but I think the nativity is wonderful as you can add to that each year. I bet you were a very proud mummy seeing Imogen as a star. I miss the Christmas plays now that my two are at secondary school.

  6. Yes he arrived :) he had the staring role at the Yule sun/treasure hunt as he was guarding the sun and gold chocolate coins in the cave at the end of the hunt! He is perfect, thank you so much :)


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