Thursday, 2 December 2010

Good old fun in the snow

Enjoy the Snow!
Trees at rear of our back garden

We've had a great time, thank you for you comments in my last post - I really thought everyone else except us was getting the snow before today - hope you get some soon Scented Sweetpeas and more for you too Claire. We have had a large amount of snow, probably between 8 and 12 inches and deeper where it has drifted a little, it has snowed on and off throughout the day too.

We had breakfast, did a little drawing, Imogen is always drawing - here wearing pyjamas, a cardigan and a woolly hat from when she was younger for the snowman (although we didn't use this one in the end), got dressed in lots of layers and went outside.

Don't you do drawing in PJ's and a woolly hat?

So we built our snowman, couldn't get it to ball up too well so we built a mountain style snowman instead. Here he is, his name is Sam, Max or Benny - "those are the only three names you can call him" said Imogen

Sam, Max or Benny?

Imogen had great playing in the snow, falling over (on purpose), rolling around, making a snow angel

Imogen the snow angel

and then discovered sliding down our front garden which is just the right sort of slope. Wearing lovely thermal waterproofs she slid down smoothly again and again and again and again ...

Lots of sliding down the garden

We popped around to our next door neighbours to check if she needed anything (she's in her 80's) as her family probably won't try to drive over to see her today. We saw our other neighbours out and about off to work and shopping (leaving the car behind). We saw a couple of people try to get there car out only to abandon the idea after much wheel spinning.

You did want to see my bin, didn't you?

The bins are covered in snow, and just look at my greenhouse, won't be using that any time soon.

snow capped greenhouses

Back inside, lunch inside our tummies, Imogen is watching the BFG, maybe I can talk her into watching The Snow Man or Polar Express later. I'm just catching up here and then off to enjoy this lovely hot cup of coffee and that cake I mentioned earlier ... mmmmm medlar cake.

A good day. A good day indeed.

(edited before posting - oh boy do I need that cake and coffee right now - I was just taking the memory card out of the camera to load the photos taken and dropped the card! Problem is around the PC is very messy (must clean and tidy!) so it has taken me ages to find it and it was right under the PC desk, somehow found it's way right to the back wall past lots of bits of all sorts also found under the table. I need cake! Now!)


  1. Wow that is alot of snow! Glad you had a wonderful day.

  2. So pleased you've been able to enjoy the snow too.


  3. Sounds like our snowy days - fun outside, then into the warm for coffees and cakes. xxx

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in the snow. I bet Imogen really enjoyed sliding, who needs a sledge?

  5. Oh lucky, lucky you.
    Our snow is but a whisper of whiteness with not nearly enough for fun and frolics, just frozen fingers and toes.
    Gorgeous photos.


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