Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas - eating, playing, resting ...

waiting for Christmas to arrive

Family, good food, fun ... make for a lovely Christmas.

Cold bugs with shivering and chesty coughs (me and then my Mom) aren't so welcome though, especially late afternoon on Christmas Day, but hey at least Imogen has avoided it and had her Grandad (favourite play friend) and his mostly undivided attention.

Imogen on Christmas morning
Discovering presents, cards and stockings

A good time was had by all. Imogen had her new pyjamas, slippers and a new book on Christmas Eve (a little tradition we have) - this year she had some Woody pj's from Toy Story, a favourite of hers. We awoke to open stockings before breakfast and then opened other gifts afterwards. Imogen's main highlights were her camera from us, a wooden farm building set in a fabric bag I made for her and some additional wooden farm animals to add to her collection. She also had a wooden domino run from us and has had so much fun with this, especially as Grandad kept knocking them down by accident before the run was finished. Her Lego bucket was another big hit, she has said how much she would love some Lego for a while so her wish came this year from her grandparents.
An Imogen snow dome in her stocking
Opening her Lego with a smile
Discovering the dressing up outfit to go over the pj's!

Other gifts included many books, DVD's (including Toy Story 3), craft things, clothes oh and a Woody dressing up outfit which was put on over the Woody pj's and that is how she was dressed all day at her request. Well why not.

Playing with new farm animals and buildings
Playing with the domino run
Creative Lego play
A mobile castle to drive away from trouble

I had some practical gifts of pyjamas from my parents, some left-handed craft scissors, a jam funnel - all things I had said would be very welcomed.

I had a lovely handmade gift from Alex of a Mayan hand spinner, so I shall be giving that a go soon. What did I make for him? Do you watch Family Guy? We do and Alex really enjoys this, so I knitted him a Stewie doll. There was a pattern a while back on Ravelry but I didn't like the way it was made up so I used a basic doll pattern for the body and arms and knitted it in the colours of Stewie, and then made the head up myself (it's a funny shape) - I think it came out quite well and Alex loved it.

Stewie doll

So much of the next couple of days included me resting and falling asleep, while those around me
played. When I awoke I played too - lovely simple and creative play. Lovely food (at least I didn't lose my appetite!) and lovely to see family.

Medlar meringue pie and cake to share.
A new Christmas tradition?

Back home now and my sister in law is with us for a couple of days. Hoping to catch up with friends over the next few days and arrange for friends of Imogen to come around to play before going back to school next week - they have been hit with the same bugs so hopefully all well again soon.

Speaking to her uncle (my brother) Down Under!

So that was our Christmas, looking forward to making plans for the New Year - gardening, crafting, creating, following dreams ...

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Ha ha, love the Stewie doll. Happy New Year. Hope 2011 brings everything you wish for.


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