Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter needle felting ... and Winter is here

Arrival of Winter

Updating as some things are finished, while others are in the making. I have finished King Winter that I was asked to make for a lovely crafty Mama who blogs here and makes some wonderful things.

Anyway I know he has now arrived safely so will share a little peek at him. He certainly brought Winter with him - you should see the snow over on Shell's blog.

King Winter

This slightly different one is also soon to be on its travels to another lovely Mama as a swap we organised a while ago, and another is in the making for ourselves.

I'm now working on another swap arranged with another lovely Mama blogger who makes lovely felt hair clips and other felt goodies. I'm making a fairy for her season table with long flowing red hair ... and she's coming along nicely. (Edited) - she's finished now. Hopefully posting these both tomorrow.

I'm going to be a fairy
Here I am

The other project in the making is another Winter one, but a little different, an experiment I'm hoping works out okay as it is for the Season Swap over on the GP forum.

On the subject of Winter, it is a bit cold at the moment but there are many who are having it much worse than we are, here is the little bit of snow we had this morning ... blink and you may miss it.
can you see our little bit of snow?


  1. Hehe, love your snow ;o).

    King Winter is just beautiful, thank you again.

  2. Absolutely beautiful creations. I'm sure they will be well received.

  3. A beautifully crafted King Winter. I need to make a new one! Our old one looks a bit dodgy!

  4. oooh I love your King Winter he is beautiful xxx

  5. I do like King Winter - your one is beautiful - especially his hair. xxx

  6. I love those little felted dolls, they are just beautiful! Your little bit of snow is cute, I could post you some of ours if you like! xxxx

  7. What wonderful creations. I'm sure the recipients will be over the moon with them.

  8. they are fab , I so wish I could make things like that.


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