Friday, 3 December 2010

Icicles and Winter fruits

loving the snow

Out wandering today and picking up some supplies for us and our neighbour, we found some lovely Winter fruits glowing in amongst the crisp white snow. A last gasp of Autumn colour, frozen in time plants and icicles from the houses.

Rosehips in the snow
Sloes in the snow
Frozen plant stems and icicles
Autumn or Winter?

Look at this icicle hanging from our porch, Imogen wanted to know how long it was as it looked like the biggest icicle ever ... and it was about 3 feet long (almost a metre) in length.

our BIG icicle

More snowy fun while out and more when we returned home.


  1. Oh I just love icicles - that one's great! xxx

  2. It's great isn't it. i have found so much to photograph just around the garden - when I don't disappear into a snowdrift that is! xx

  3. We've got lots of icicles hanging from the house too.

  4. great snow fun photos, lovely.
    so much of the white stuff around, rain here today but still cold and plenty of snow around, want to get out and make candle igloos tomorrow


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