Thursday, 2 December 2010

No snow!? Not any more ...

Well if you saw my last post and our little bit of snow, you'd know that we've just not been getting any unlike everywhere else in the UK it seemed. We are in a protected zone here with the South Downs to the North and the IOW to the South, so often weather just misses us.

Yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen making medlar jam and a medlar cake (my own creation due to the lack of recipes out there - adapted one I found) and listening to the radio about inches and inches of snow everywhere. I've seen the pictures on the little bit of news I caught too - some beautiful postcard scenes. Plus I've seen all you fellow bloggers with all your snow, and yes I was a teeny bit jealous ... for Imogen of course!

Today Imogen was due to go back to school after being unwell and staying home for a few days, but this morning just before my alarm went off there was a school text message to say they were closed today due to snow - which I had seen in the night when I woke up. So I let Imogen sleep in, and hen she awoke she came running into me in bed and asked if she was going to school (very excitedly) and was a little disappointed when I said no. But when I said lets look out of the window to see why school is closed, she gasped with excitement ...

view from front door
It looks like we've had about 4-6 inches

So I no longer feel like the only place in the UK that has no snow, not any more, even when I knew there had been snow to the East, and snow to the West of the City, and snow to the North in Winchester ... we still had only that little bit until last night. It's quite a big thing to have a lot of snow here, and yes I know this isn't a lot compared to many of you - but it is for here, I was amazed how much we had in February this year and now wonder if we are in for more again this Winter. I used to love the snow when I was younger and lived further North - proper snow that we had to dig ourselves out of the front door for, to go to school (no closures in those days, and wrapped up if the heating was broken - didn't get sent home either!).

front garden and our road
Alex's footprints on his way to work
He walks anyway, only a couple of miles maximum

Snowman making, snowball fights, fun and laughter are the things we shall be enjoying today. Then a cosy cuddle on the sofa and maybe a Winter theme film for later. Oh and coffee a slice of Medlar cake that is scrumptious ... details and recipe in another post.

front hedge, outside living room window
where we plan to build a snowman today

Right, off for a coffee and some toast and then get wrapped up to go out in the snow.
See you all later, have a fun and safe day.


  1. How exciting that you have snow too - weve had another 3/4 inches overnight and now it's started again!!

    Have fun building that snowman.

  2. Glad that you got the snow you wanted. My kids still get excited when it snows and they're 15 and 12. Mind you, I think that's because they think they'll get time off school. They got sent home on Monday and haven't been back since. The school have already said that they won't be open for the rest of the week and they'll review the situation over the weekend. Hope Imogen enjoys her snow day. Will we be seeing the snowman?

  3. Glad you got your snow. Ours was starting to thaw, but we had a fresh shower this morning. Lovely walking to school along our snow covered lane. I feel so lucky not to commute. I can walk the children to school and I work from home. Only problem is if the teachers can't get into the village.

    Keep warm.

  4. Wow, what a suprose for Imogen! We still only have about a cm or two, I'm very jealous!

  5. ooh you lucky things, post some snow over here please :-)


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