Monday, 6 December 2010

Short break ...

Phone line and internet down so will be away a few days, catch up with you all soon. Meanwhile more time for some felting projects and a little spinning maybe.

Have addresses to post off King Winter and the fairy, and have my GP season swap finished so will post that soon too. Hopefully back online soon.


  1. Oh dear, hope you're back online soon and look forward to seeing what you've made!

  2. Thanks Pippa, yes hopefully not too long. Been doing lots of needle felting so there will be pictures on my return.

  3. I'd have withdrawal symptoms if my internet was down. Enjoy all the time it will give you to crack on with some crafting.

  4. I saw a picture of your King Winter and he is wonderful, I was wondering if you would take an order for one ? Liz x

  5. Hi, briefly online at the library just to catch up on a few things.

    Hi Liz, I'd happily make another King Winter for you, the ones I've sold were £10 including postage so let me know if you're happy with that and I can get creating on another one. Only problem is that my internet access isn't good at the moment so it may be a couple of days to see your reply. look forward to checking in though - maybe I'll just make another one ready anyway so you can pm me your address.

    Take care all xxx


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