Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bluebells at the weekend ... and more

 Beautiful, beautiful bluebells

At the venue I was spinning at last weekend there is a large garden and arboretum, and the woodland is carpeted in bluebells which have flowered quite early this year around here. We are hoping to go to another place over the Easter weekend with a bluebell walk - it has been brought forward a few weeks as the flowers are so early. Here are a few pictures from the gardens including the lovely orchard which I would love to have ~ wonderful, and a picture of the venue.

 Bluebells, one of my favourite flowers
The private school - venue for the fayre
Part of the orchard

And here I am busy spinning away with my friend from the Guild, who has taught me so much in the past, it was lovely to spend the day together. She was spinning flax into linen thread and here is doing a little weaving on an inkle loom, while I am spinning the wool. We were in the great hall by the fireplace, a lovely spot.

Proof of me spinning at the event

I also must share this picture of an old Sweet Chestnut tree on the drive towards the school - it is huge and some branches are being supported now. Check out the size against the vintage bus to the right! There were some of the taller trees in the grounds blown down in the 1987 storm in the South, they are still lying in the grounds and were very tall.


  1. I LOVE tall/big trees, they make you realise how small (in every sense of the word) we are.

    Lovely to see a picture of you.


  2. You look so happy! What a great place Dawn xx


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