Monday, 18 April 2011

Easily excited ...

Lots more to catch up on with what we've been up to but not today, later in the week for all the happy days we're having. Great day Saturday, will share some photos from the venue later in the week too, including the lovely gardens and forests of bluebells which are already on the turn - so early again this year.

Just wanted to share how excited I am that I have such a wonderful spinning wheel that happily spun lots and lots of wool at the weekend, see last post,  - I had 3 full Louet (so think big!) bobbins of Zwartble grey. Two bobbins plied, started Saturday evening and finished this evening (have been to bed and out in between ... honest!).
 Two of the bobbins already started the plying

Full bobbin of plied wool

I plied as much as possible to see what the bobbin could hold and filled it to the maximum, wound onto the niddy noddy to make a skein to give it a final wash. Then I weighed it and it is a whopping 200g exactly!
On the niddy noddy 
and a whole spare bobbin so more to spin
 Close up on the niddy noddy
My 200g skein of wool

Whoa, how exciting is that and all in one too, no joins.Pretty exciting for this spinner. Just needs a final wash and wound into a ball to use. Now to look at those patterns.


  1. Wow, good going!! Was wondering how your weekend went, looks like it was very productive. The next question is whether the idea of knitting something with all your wool is enough of a lure to stop you spinning for a week or two!

  2. Oh, that looks gorgeous, can't wait to see what you do with it.


  3. Fabulous, Dawn! The day spent spinning and the resulting yarn. Your Louet is wonderful!

  4. Such beautiful spinning Dawn!

  5. Thank you everyone, just planning what to do with it - something for myself this time.

    Yes Claire, that's the problem I want to just keep spinning it at the moment, but will try and knit some evenings too. Also got to get through quite a bit of wool with shearing time looming!

    Thanks Kelly, I do love my Louet, so glad we found each other x


  6. That looks fantastic Dawn, have fun deciding what to knit! xx


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