Friday, 29 April 2011

So much to write ... so little time ...

Our stone balancing art

 There are quite a few things I want to write about here to update on life, gardening, allotment goings on, spinning ... just finding the time to collate my thoughts and some pictures to reflect on it has been non-existent. Too busy just enjoying doing these things and the wonderful weather!

Well the Easter holidays are over and having been back to school for 3 days, there is now the break for the Royal Wedding and May Day.

Quiet beach and Sea Kale

So let's start with a catch up of what was going on at Easter. After our day at the farm, my parents returned home and Alex had a surprise day off so we spent it at the beach. We went to a wonderfully secluded spot nearby, only accessible on foot from a lovely walk through some woodland and along a hedgerow bordering fields of wheat and rhubarb, the field of rhubarb was spectacular to see - so many plants (oops I didn't photograph it).
 Splashing fun

We had a great time relaxing, having a picnic lunch and some toe dipping and splashing for Imogen. She enjoyed picking things up with her net, including a fish that she was very proud of catching, although I should point out that it was a dead fish!

Fishing on the bridge

With the gorgeous weather we ventured to the beach again a few days later, having been to the library and spent time in the garden and at parks in between, this time to another spot on the edge of the new Forest.

 Watching the waves
 Spot Imogen far out at Sea

Here we spent a long time on the beach again, this beach has sand so we were able to build some sandcastles. Imogen did a little "rockpool" dipping - although it's not really the right beach, but hey she had fun netting seaweed, stones and shells.
Building Sandcastles with seaweed flags

I had a little paddle with her at this beach and the water was lovely and wam in the sunshine. We went on to the woodland and the park after some lunch, and when the tide came in closer and then enjoyed an icecream before returning home. Another lovely day.
 Splashing and "rockpooling"

This brings us up to the Easter weekend ... next post for that one I think. Back soon.


  1. Just my kind of post! Lovely. I know what you mean though. When I sit down to write a blog, I have so many ideas whirling around, and it is usually quite late. xx

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend. the weather was amazing wasnt it!

  3. Wonderful pictures - looks like an amazing time - can you believe they are 2/3 of the way trhough rception already?!

  4. I know Danigirl, crazy isn't it, they'll be year 1 before we blink!


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