Friday, 15 April 2011

Tomorrow is my kind of day ...

Tomorrow I shall be spinning ... all day! Bliss. I've even treated my lovely spinning wheel to a coat of oil as she was looking a little thirsty, now she's gleaming.
Louet wheel treated to a coating of oil

Alex is away on his works annual conference, my parents are staying for the weekend and will be occupied by Imogen. They will pop by where I am spinning, and no doubt Imogen will want to have a little go on the wheel, but then they will be coerced into going to the park.

Carded batts to last me the day hopefully 
(will take some uncarded and the hand carders just in case!) 
 I love this wool, the locks are lovely and it is so soft 

I've got lots of the grey zwartble carded and ready to sit and spin all day, maybe do a little plying too as I almost have 2 of those big Louet bobbins full and I want to 2 ply this wool. I'll also take along my drop spindle and maybe the Turkish spindle with some wool, for a break from the wheel.

Spindles packed too

I am going to spend the day with the lovely lady who I used to have spinning lessons from, a member of our Guild, and we are demonstrating at a local History Fayre at a private school nearby. I literally live 5 minutes drive from there so there was really no excuse for me not to say I'd be there. Lovely opportunity to spin with my friend again and maybe pick up some more tips - it's been a while since I went to her spinning evenings. She will be spinning flax into linen yarn so we are using different fibres to share with the visitors.

Should be lots spun in a day, maybe get some plied too, so more of this ...
... ready to knit.

I could get used to spinning demonstrations I think, if only one could get paid for it!


  1. That sounds like bliss! I love that grey zwartble (sp?) it is beautiful.

    Have a lovely day.


  2. Sounds like a lovely day for you.

  3. Fab day - hope it was fun :) Loving the sunshine and have re-read your passage in RR book :) xxx


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