Monday, 11 April 2011

Natures carpets and sowing and planting

All around there are carpets of colour, natures colours, just beautiful.

Celandines and Bluebells
Daisies and Dandelions

Even the sky is carpeted with the colour of the blossoms

Cherry Blossom

This weekend we spent some time in the garden sowing seeds, planting on seedlings, planting out seedlings and plants. 
 Transplanting Tomato seedlings
Just a few of the other seedlings!

Some time was also spent at the allotment weeding, raising beds, sowing carrot seeds, harvesting kale and  dividing welsh onion clumps and another clump forming onion I was given by a wonderful permaculture teacher. Some of the onions have now been planted in the garden at home for easy harvesting. Both the welsh and minogues onions are doing well spreading around, perennial onions and lovely with it.

Imogen sowing carrot seeds and intercropping with lettuce seeds

Harvesting Minogues onions
fantastic bulb spreading onions
Replanted clumps of Minogues onions 
amongst Wild garlic and Welsh onions

Large clump of Welsh onions to get replanted at home

Beautiful bright Chard for regular harvesting

Here are our lovely fruit blossoms, promises of lovely fruits for the Summer time. The first picture is of a Bramley Apple tree that was once in our garden but not doing very well - getting mold in it's damp spot so we took the plunge of moving it to the allotment knowing we may kill it, which would be a shame for a 50+ year old tree! It was planted in the garden when the house was built (local neighbours knowledge!). It's coming back lovely and looking good so far.
Survivor! Bramley Apple Tree
Beautiful blossom blooming this year

Conference Pear Tree
 Pear tree in full blossom

And another Apple Tree at the allotment
 Abundant Apple Blossom

More seeds sowing and transplanting going on, I'm going to create a page on the blog with what's happening, a kind of sowing record.


  1. Some great photos Dawn. Love the look of those Onions too. Great idea. Hope the Bramley survives!

  2. How very pretty it looks in your garden with all those lovely flowers blossoming. I am sure it smells quite fragrant. You sure have an abundance of vegetables, your onions look like leeks! Your photos are all beautiful. Just lovely.


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