Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lovely days and new life ...

Loving the wonderful weather ... is it Summer? I hope we still get some good weather in the Summer months. Making the most of the days now though, temperatures hit 25°C and then 26°C. It felt really hot and a bit humid yesterday in the garden, not much of a breeze either.

So we've had many days out walking in woodlands, trips to the park with Imogens friends and bumping into other friends whilst there too so some lovely photos of them all together. Nanny and Grandad were here for a few days but have returned home now. There last day here was Monday and they asked Imogen what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to go to the farm ... so the farm we went to and what a glorious day.

Young calf - the children were given names to vote 
for a favourite name (will have to find out what name he is given)

Plenty of hands on experience for Imogen, she had a go at milking a cow, then bottle feeding some calves.
 Imogen milking the cow
Bottle feeding the calf

We fed the pigs and saw the 2 day old piglets to Snowflake, and Blossom was due anytime now with her litter of piglets.
 Blossom (due any day!)
Snowflakes piglets

We fed the ewes and saw some lambs in the barn. This was an exciting bit for Imogen, and for me too - we had been in the barn a little while earlier before the feeding tour started and saw a tiny baby lamb with the Ewe licking her clean and helping her onto her feet for the first time and saw her take her first milk from mama, we had only just missed it being born. Imogen thought this was wonderful.

Newborn baby lamb - first milk

We went on to feed the chickens (many breeds) and turkeys and had a great time walking around the farm. Imogen played hopscotch and skipping and hoops inthe Victoran school playground and dressed up in the house.
Playing Hopscotch
What a lovely Victorian girl!

These are one of my favourite chickens - the Brahma, so much character!

Brahma Cockerel

Have to share this Expectant Mama who was loudly calling for the farmers to bring the food over, they must know the routine! Imogen thought it was funny that her tongue was out.

Dorset Horn talking!

My beautiful girl chilling in the caravan by the woodburner/cooker.
Overlooking the pigs, in the caravan

And I can't do a farm visit post without some additional sheep in the fields pictures can I?

Dorset Horn Mama and twin lambs
 Hampshire Down Mama
Lovely Hampshire Down Lambs

Enjoying more sunny days, parks and beaches so will catch up with some more soon, off to meet up with friends at their house and garden today.


  1. What a lovely day out, I love your photos Dawn - especially the caravan and dressing up (and sheep of course, and the pigs too lol). I love this weather, so easy to get outdoors! xx

  2. hello, dawn. what a lovely day you had. been thinking about you and your elderflower champagne. When do you start making it and what equipment do you use? i really want to give it a go this year. x

  3. Thank you, it was a lovely day.

    I'll run up a post on making the elderflower champagne as my reply in the comments was a bit long!


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