Friday, 13 November 2009

Autumn Season Corner

I've just realised that with all the busy-ness and illness over the last couple of months, that I haven't got a photo of the Autumn Season Corner, so here I am to put that right.
Autumn Season Corner

I was hoping to make an Autumn Acorn fairy, a bit like the one I made for feathers for the GPseason swap, but I just haven't got around to finishing mine.

Acorn flower girl

Nevermind, it will be finished for next Autumn, there are more pressing crafts to do at the moment, and I'll make sure I have a Winter season doll made for our corner instead. Autumn is a great time for finding things and making things for the season corner, lots of nature bits to find. There is always space for a pumpkin too.

Today, amongst other things, Imogen did these lovely crayon leaf rubbings that I shall put on the wall by the season corner too.

crayon leaf rubbings

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