Friday, 20 November 2009

What have we started ...

In yesterday's post Imogen was doing a few weaving stars, and boy did she love doing these, and she's still wanting to do them today ... lots of them! I think we have made about 20 or more maybe. When I say we, it's mainly her work, I start them off by tying the sticks together and she takes over until she's finished and I tie them for her. Still lots of things to decorate the house especially for Christmas, and a few will make it into parcels for relatives for Christmas. They are great for using up left over balls of wool too!

concentrating on her weaving

We insisted on wearing our shoes and socks and woolly hat with our pyjamas too, these were put on earlier so we were ready to go outside, not that we are going out today. Having a quiet day at home and awaiting the grandparents visiting for the weekend.
PJ's, woolly hat and shoes on!

I think we are going to move onto pom-poms this afternoon, just for a change, and they're always useful, aren't they. (A few done already - added to the weaving collection in the photo below).
collection on weaving and pompoms


  1. Hahaha nothing like exhausting the possibilities for one craft before moving on to the next! I suggest finger knitting chains or french knitting, so you've got cord to hang them all with. ;)

  2. Yeah, there's some of that somewhere from last week, shall do some more me thinks.

  3. Lovely stars. At least you wont be short of decorations for winter ;-)


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