Thursday, 19 November 2009

Resting, recovering and some crafting (of course)

Well, we've spent most of the last 4 days resting on the sofa following another bout of coughs and colds. Unfortunately Imogen has a chest infection so is really laid low for her. This week she has slept a lot on the sofa - something she hasn't done since she was very small.

The days are being filled with reading, DVD's, playing with lacing cards and playing with an etch-a-sketch picked up at a charity shop recently for £1. When Imogen saw this at the shop, she asked what it was and so I showed her, having had one in my younger years. I used to love my etch-a-sketch, so this brought back happy memories. I was so happy to see Imogen totally absorbed in what it did and asked her if she'd like it. A big YES was the reply, and it has been a popular item in the house since then. It has been very popular this week as we can play with it whilst resting.

surrounded by fun things

Today, we are also doing some more craft stick (lolly stick) weaving, as again this can be done whilst resting. Hoping to have a few to decorate the house over Christmas.

stick weaving

I'm not too well either, although feel better today than the last couple of days so hopefully we are all on the mend. It's been nice to just relax on the sofa, read books and do some knitting and crafting.

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  1. I like those lolly stick things, what a great idea!


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