Friday, 6 November 2009

Homemade Christmas list

Okay, so I'm a little late in posting the list of things I am attempting to make for gifts for Christmas, but better late than never.

Already made (so they mature well) or in the making are:
Chutney (done)
Sloe Gin (done)
Sloe Cordial
Cranberry Gin
Winter Syrup (for adding to wine (mulled wine syrup)
or just having with water - hot or cold, yum)
Other edibles:
Turkish Delight for my Dad

Cards (with Imogen - painting and sticking things, and using some stamps with thinner paints)

Cinnamon Apple sauce decorations
Dried orange decorations
Cinnamon stick decorations
Knitted tree decorations
(partly done)
Knitted other decorations (partly done)
Knitted and fabric wreath
Crocheted tree decorations (possibly, will help improve my skills,
but will leave until next year if it slows me down)

Knitted farm mat including fences and trees (partly done)
Fabric barn to go with knitted farm mat
Knitted Elmer (completed)
Hat and scarf for Imogen
(hat done)
Other hats and scarves
Wrist warmers
Play silks

Ribbon wands
Pencil roll
Knitted toys (small), gnomes, fruit, cupcakes etc
(partly done)
Waldorf Doll (possibly, more likely in the New Year)
Small Waldorf style dolls
Lavender bags lavender pillow

I'm not sure if I've missed something, probably (feels like I have because I keep seeing new things I want to try), so having this will help and I can come back to it to see if anything needs adding (or removing), and check on my progress. It seems like a lot, although some of them are just thoughts at the moment and may not come to fruition.

Right, off to check my notebook in case I've missed something.


  1. Wow, what a list. Hope you get it all done. xx

  2. Lovely list of makes.
    Hope you find time to get through them all.
    And any spend hours can you send them my way? I seem to have only had the time to make the list, not the things actually on it lol.


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