Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Mulled Wine syrup (or cordial syrup)

Following on from making to Winter berries cordial, I thought I would post the recipe I also have for mulled wine syrup that can also be used as a cordial. I can't remember where I found this recipe so can't give credit (amended to add credit as I think I have found the original recipe), although I have made changes to the original that I felt improved it. It's really flavoursome and keeps very well.

Mulled wine syrup for 4 bottles of red wine

2 bottles water
16 tblsp raw cane sugar
1 Orange
1 lemon (make sure its unwaxed)
1 lime (make sure its unwaxed)
1” piece Root ginger peeled and grated
2” stick Cinnamon
4 cardamom pods
½ Whole nutmeg grated
large pinch Allspice
8 star anise (optional)
2 apples
4 tblsp good organic honey

Put water in a pan and add ingredients as follows:
Sugar, Cinnamon, nutmeg, root ginger, cardamom and the allspice. Add star anise if using it (some people do not like it).
Next add the grated zest of an orange, a lemon and a lime. Add the juice of the orange only.
Add one whole apple with approx 16 cloves stuck in it. Then add another apple chopped. Finally add the honey.
Bring to boil then reduce to simmer for 15 minutes. Remove the whole pieces of fruit, then bring to boil again. Your contents will reduce to about half and become syrupy.
Strain syrup and pour into sterilised bottles and seal.

Use a quarter of this amount per bottle of red wine – add to warmed but not boiled red wine and enjoy.
This is also fantastic just added to water as a cordial, or hot water for a winter warming drink. Makes a great gift as it keeps well. I always make this a bit earlier in the year (I think I made some in September this year), to allow the flavours to mature for Christmas, but it can still be made now and will taste great.


  1. I love your cordial and mulled syrup posts. i will definitely try them out if i get a chance. Not many sloes around here though, but we are heading down to a wedding at The Vyne next week, so maybe i could sneak out and find some blackthorn bushes! Don't think i'd get away with it somehow. xx

  2. Oh yum, I was just thinking today about getting a really cracking mulled recipe- we have a few more people coming for Christmas than expected so this is perfect!

  3. Hello!
    A chef friend of mine mentioned he makes a mulled wine cordial and leaves it to mature on the mantlepiece. I thought that sounded brilliant! Especially as I'm making my parents a hamper of home-made goodies this Christmas. So I was so pleased to find your delicious-sounding recipe.
    I just have a couple of quantity questions:
    What size bottles of water? And what size of sterilised bottles do you pour it in to?
    Many thanks!

  4. Hello Lilley,
    The water measure is equal to the wine bottle amount - i.e. if using litre bottles of wine then 1 litre of water for 2 bottles of wine, so the recipe is 2 bottles of wine for syrup for 4 wine bottles. It reduces greatly. I got this recipe of the internet and have just adapted it a little. For the sterilized bottles - I just use what I have - often just re-used small bottles of wine or from lemone juice bottles, etc
    Hope this helps, and good luck if you give it a go.


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