Monday, 2 November 2009

Samhain, Halloween, weekend fun and Sloes

beautiful Sloes

A busy weekend, we went to the local farm and had a great day out meeting all the animals again. I didn't have my camera but I think we have all the photo's we need from the farm from previous visits. Imogen made a Halloween decorated glass which she had fun doing - rolling it in glitter and sticking things to it. Last week we painted lots of pumpkin carvings and some bats too. On Friday we went to the local library for an activity in which she made a spider, a bat, a haunted house mobile and a leafy autumn picture. So lots of crafting going on at the moment.

My cooker isn't working properly at the moment so no baking, just the main oven but still able to make a lovely Pumpkin and Chickpea curry tonight for our tea on the hob - yum. Somebody is coming to fix it on Wednesday so back to normal soon, at least it was an excuse to have a takeaway on Saturday night.

We've been learning about Samhain this week too as I don't really go in for all the commercial-ness (is that a word?) of Halloween, trick or treating or loading up on sugar! Imogen isn't interested in sweets, except chocolate, so that's good, but was interested in the history of Samhain. We also looked at the history of "All Hallows" and Halloween (without the sugar), etc. I won't go into detail, that can be found in so many other places much better than I could explain all the history. We read about Halloween from a recent charity shop purchase - Barefoot Books "A calendar of Festivals" for 50p.

We also picked a large bag of Sloes at the weekend to get some more Sloe gin on the go, we have sourced more so may well be picking more later this week and freezing some for use later. They have been washed and I've popped them in the freezer (no frosts here for the foreseeable future) for now, will get them out in a day or two to start this batch of gin off.

Sloes to be washed and frozen

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  1. Just discovered your blog and it's lovely :) Full of inspiration and warmth! )Love, love, love the knitted Elmer, wow!)

    Gina xxx


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