Monday, 16 November 2009

Mixed day Monday

Well today will be a bit of a mixed day. Imogen's cold/cough seemed to be getting better then yesterday afternoon and throughout the night and this morning she has been sick - just not keeping anything down, even water. Poor wee thing is cuddled up on the sofa with pillows and blanket.

So in between reading to her and having cuddles I thought I'd update the blog a little and do some tidying, sorting, knitting and make a new batch of cordial. Oh and come to a decision on what to make for the GP site season swap.

The cordial is inspired by the large amount of Sloes we gathered recently. Some is being made into Sloe Gin, more is in the freezer to enable sloe gin or other things to be made in the New Year when there are non to pick. So I wanted to make a cordial with autumn/winter tones to it. Having looked at a couple of recipes I've kind of come up with my own using Sloes, blackberries and cranberries (both frozen previously) and adding ginger, cinnamon and maybe some other bits - I'm thinking a few cloves and/or nutmeg. Will have to have a think on the flavours. So far the fruit is washed and ready to simmer with the flavourings, so must go and decide what to add.

Oh and it's Monday and I never seem to find the time lately to do book sharing Monday, so will post back with one soon.

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