Monday, 4 January 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Starting off the New Year with a book that we picked up recently at our library. It was a last minute pick up because it was about a zoo and Imogen loves books on animals. We didn't look at it there but read it when we got home and found it to be a really good and funny book.

The book is called Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo by E.S.Redmond. A lovely rhyming book and we love the illustrations. I like the inside cover too with the hand prints.

All the animals at the zoo are down and sniffling and sneezing, the zoo keeper doesn't know what to do. They all have temperatures and are sleepy. We read that one day a little girl named Felicity went to the zoo and wiled her runny nose without a tissue. She then petted the animals one by one, whilst the zookeeper put up a sign asking people not to pet the animals! She petted an Emu, some lizards, Llamas, a Giraffe, penguins and peacocks and many many more. One animal that gets a laugh here is the blue-footed booby.

The trip to the zoo is over and Felicity left saying Thank you to the zookeeper, who was unaware that Felicity had petted the animals with her fingers that were "sticky with green, gloopy glue" and left her hand prints all over the place.

There is a message here to use a hanky or tissues when you have a cold so as to avoid spreading germs when you have a cold or flu - probably quite apt for this time of year when colds are all around. It finishes with this passage

"That's how it happened;
Every word of it's true.
Her cold got so big
That they named it the Floo.
You may not believe me,
But if I were you,
I think I'd go bowling
And not to the zoo.

We've really enjoyed this book, hope you've enjoyed this peek at it. If you get the chance to borrow or buy it, I'm sure you will like it too. Happy New Year everyone.

If you have any lovely books you would like to share, visit Canadian Home Learning for more book sharing or to join in.

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