Friday, 29 January 2010

Browsing and organising seeds

I love to browse the seed catalogues, at many times throughout the year, but especially in January and February as the sowing season is upon us. They go side by side with my seed tins - organised by month of sowing and moved back a month for those I sow successionally. I also have a tin for those for sowing indoors - in the house (for some heat) or in the unheated greenhouse; and a tin for those that can be sown directly outdoors.

My collection of books I wouldn't be without
and catalogues to browse

Seed tins with my sowing/planting diary
and seed collecting envelopes and packets

Organised and ordered. It's about the only thing around here that does look like that, but if I didn't I'd miss the window of opportunity to sow and grow something.

Seed tin for sowing indoors or
in the greenhouse to get ahead

Seed tin for sowing direct outdoors

Solast night and today I have sat and had a look through the seeds we have to make sure they are in the right place for reminding me to sow them, and also to see if I need to buy more seed. Amongst them are many saved seeds which saves a lot of money, and takes very little effort. This is something I am quite passionate about doing.

In a couple of weeks there will be a seed swap event locally with the opportunity to swap seeds for something new or purchase from a few independent seed sellers that attend the event. Having organised the tins, I'm not sure we need anything this year except some seed potatoes which I've ordered to share with my Dad.


  1. wow I love your seed sorting system. I am new to this allotment lark (mind you we have a veg patch at the top of the garden but nothing on the scale of the allotment) so thanks for the idea, may have to steal it from you if you don't mind :-)

  2. Hi Scented Sweetpeas - I find organising the seeds means I don't forget something, so I'd recommend it to anyone, find yourself a tin and go for it.

  3. Hi Dawn, I have found myself and tin and have done it - May looks like a busy month in the seed world after doing my tin eeekkk. Thanks so much for the idea, would never of thought of it - will post photos of my tin on my blog soon :-)


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