Thursday, 7 January 2010

Our Christmas post

Well it's over for another year and all the decorations are being put away today and tomorrow. We had a lovely Christmas, baking on the 23rd and 24th and awaiting the arrival of my parents on Christmas Eve.

We baked those lovely Cranberry Mince Pies mentioned in a previous post, recipe here and they were devoured. I love them, which is great as I can't stand mincemeat, so these will be a regular make in this house. We baked more on Boxing Day and more a couple of days later. Imogen had great fun rolling, filling and topping with pastry Christmas Trees and Stars.

Cranberry mince tarts

So, onto Christmas Day, here she is peeking around the door to the lounge - I had popped down earlier to put all the Christmas lights on and light some candles so it all looked lovely when we went in. The tree was bursting with gifts and looked lovely with all the presents we wrapped in gorgeous fabrics and ribbons (re-used year after year).
peeking around the door

Imogen had lots of lovely gifts including a "Build It" kit from the grandparents and is regularly "engineering". She loves to help when you're doing things around the house and garden so now has her own tools, etc. She had some lovely new clothes, various books to read and colour,and lots more.
being a Pirate (present from grandparents)

From us was the knitted play mat (farm mat) which I finished before Christmas, although due to being unwell in November and into December I didn't get to edge it which I will in the next few weeks. I did back it with a piece from a travel rug to give it more thickness and it could easily be used out in the garden then too. I also wanted to knit some fences and bits and bobs so these will be added through the year now as and when I get the time. Imogen loves it as it is which is what is important and plays with it so much. Of course, this is helped by the box of Schleich farm animals we bought her too. We chose Schleich as they are so well made, look good and are to scale. Plus she can add to her collection if someone gives her a bit of money or people could buy some for her and these are widely available.

unveiling the farm animalsopening gifts
playing with the farm mat

Imogen was also very pleased with the hat and scarf I knitted for her and proudly posed with them on. I do need to add a bit to the rim of the hat as it works it's way off her head when wearing outside so is not quite the right size - always the problem when knitting something for someone who can't try it on because it's a surprise. She loved the keyhole scarf.
Hat and Scarf by mama

She also loved her knitted Elmer and I just love this photo of her giving Elmer a big hug just as he was unwrapped. What a great feeling to make something for someone and see the joy it gives.

Imogen and Elmer

There were other presents too, but I don't think I need to list them all. We bought my parents a digital photo frame which we know they'll love to sit and watch. We loaded up photos from their holidays over the last few years, trips to Canada and Australia to see my brother and even scanned and uploaded the photos from their wedding album which they loved. Lots of pictures of their adored granddaughter too of course.

I made this lovely pavlova for pudding on Christmas Day, I don't like Christmas pudding and this went down well especially with my Dad who loves pavlova, and Alex was in heaven eating it too.

Christmas pudding

So, a good festive season, everyone in good health and good cheer. Lots of bracing walks in the forests, nature reserves, bird havens and at the beach but photos of those in another post me thinks.
me and my girl

out for a walk

Back soon with what we've been up to since Christmas.

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  1. Great post. I love to be able to share in other people's celebrations. Imogen looked so happy, and I loved her hat and scarf. I bought lots of reduced cranberries from the supermarket to freeze so that I can make this mincemeat again, and again... xx


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