Friday, 15 January 2010

Growing space and planning

This is how my growing space at home has looked over the last week or two; my greenhouses and vegetable patch in the back garden. Now the snow is thawing, my thoughts go to the growing year.

In the greenhouse are seedlings awaiting a warming of the ground to plant them out and extend the growing of some lovely greens, in addition to those still going strong at the allotment. We are picking lots of wonderful iron rich Kale and Cavalo Nero, and picking beautiful Sprouting broccoli. Fortunately we lifted the remaining beetroots just before the cold and snow came so saving them from becoming too woody and unusable.

Now is a time of much planning, looking though the seeds we have, ordering any we still with to acquire and planning the beds for 2010. This is what you will find on my kitchen door, where I stare and dream and plan.

Organic Veg Planner

Great little planner - gives you all the information you need for growing each vegetable. When to sow, how, when to harvest, etc all at the turn of the dial.

Organic Vegetable Planning Chart

Another invaluable resource - at a glance you can see what to do each month.


  1. Oh the growing chart looks really useful. How lovely to have all that outside space, hope you get a lovely harvest through the year.

  2. that little planner looks great xx


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